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But as complacency seemed to creep in during the Olympics, it’s clear that even if the veterans keep their spots on the team, they need some genuine roster competition and they need to feel as if they must fight to keep their spots. The young players can only state their cases if they are given a real shot and a chance to develop in the USWNT environment.

Not all of these young players in the pool will make it. Maximilia Goedkope Chelsea shirt Shirleyid Some will need more time, and some will never hack it at the senior USWNT level. But now is the time to get some answers before 2023 and begin the regeneration process.

Kjøp Frankrike Landslagsdrakt

When the USWNT lost to Sweden in the norge drakt quarterfinal of the 2016 Olympics, it was the earliest exit from a major tournament in the team’s history, and an embarrassment for Ellis, who had won a World Cup the year before. Even worse, Ellis knew beforehand exactly how Maximilia Goedkope Chelsea shirt Shirleyid Sweden would do it.

That loss set off years of experimentation from Ellis, who became fixated on uncovering ways to circumvent teams that bunker against the United States. After all, the bunker was often used by bad teams against the USWNT in an act of desperation, and her team was usually able to overcome it. But when Sweden, a good team, clung to that strategy, a new and more tactically savvy blueprint for beating the USWNT had emerged.

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